Welcome to the grooviest glute and core workout platform! GroovyGlutes combines experience, science, music and a totally unique, affordable piece of equipment.

This programme is designed to strengthen and tone the gluteal muscles and core. Beyond the attention being given to round, beautiful bums by the media (about time!) the glutes are actually one of the body’s most important muscle groups. A strong set of glutes helps improve posture as well as athletic performance and decreases the risk of injuries, especially of the back and knees. Yes, it looks great too! 😉

GroovyGlutes is designed to be accessible to all women of any age and any fitness level. The idea is that you can progress at your own pace and be flexible with your workouts to suit your schedule and your mood. You can even take GroovyGlutes with you when you’re traveling! Basically, we’ve eliminated all the excuses so get your bands on and let’s get groovin’!

Invest in your best asset


The GroovyGlutes programme is not about getting ready for that bikini or that event and it’s not about becoming more desirable to others either. The Groovy Woman knows her worth is not based on her body shape or butt. She doesn’t need that kind of validation, but welcomes compliments!

The Groovy Woman makes fitness a joyful part of her life because she knows it’s important for her health, her mental and emotional wellbeing as well as how she looks. Through fitness she finds empowerment and a sense of control of her life.

The Groovy woman doesn’t strive for ‘perfection’, she strives for progress and her only competition is herself. She works out at her own level and at her own pace. She doesn’t force change and doesn’t believe in promises of quick results. Her before and afters are not based only on pictures but performance; ‘Practice makes progress’.

The Groovy Woman is not caught up in the whole big suspended bum FAD the media have created. She’s too wise to be comparing herself to airbrushed insta pictures (she’s so over that!). Instead she works toward a sustainably healthy, strong bum and core because she understands the importance of it.

The Groovy Woman honours her body, looks after it and dresses up to celebrate how amazing it is to be one of a kind. Be a Groovy Woman!

The GroovyGlutes Package

What you’ll get:

  • two universal straps that adjust with velcro
  • a set of two red bands of medium resistance for moves of big range
  • a set of two grey bands of higher resistance for smaller range, targeted exercises
  • a pouch to carry your bands with you
  • the complete GroovyGlutes PDF guide to help you get the most out of your bands
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  • Dr Reenee Barton

    Dr Reenee Barton

    ‘The Groovy Glute bands are excellent for increasing resistance during training making it a combined HITT and strength training work out- so they tick all my boxes- love them! Also posture and stability better; better use of core when wearing them too.’

  • Atthia Bibi

    Atthia Bibi

    ‘Nectaria, thank you for introducing these FABULOUS Groovyglutes bands. I throughly enjoy working out with them on. What I love about them, is that they grip firmly on the legs and they make me work out harder. I can really feel the burn in my legs and glutes and I can see the difference over the last few months. I feel nice and comfortable when wearing the bands which is important for me. I have tried many resistance bands before and they just haven’t sat as well, they kept slipping off. I Absolutely LOVE these bands. I love the Warm up. The workouts are great and so is the music.

  • Gill Balshaw

    Gill Balshaw

    Nectaria’s GroovyGlutes programme is a must if you want to improve your overall fitness level. With particular emphasis on your Glutes, Abs and Core I have seen a marked improvement on my overall body strength since starting the programme. The GroovyGlutes bands are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and are flexible to be worn during any additional exercise you may do in the Gym. The music is motivational and the videos are so easy to follow it feels very much like you have your own personal Trainer working with you.

  • Antonia Allan

    Antonia Allan

    The Groovy Glutes bands have been a great, simple but effective way to take my workouts to another level. I have now been using them for while and can certainly feel the difference. They are small, easy and quick to put on, and very comfortable as they are non slip unlike others. The Groovy Glutes bands are high quality as are the workouts designed to go with them – Highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel and see results that bit faster!

  • Jo Carline

    Jo Carline

    The combination of Groovy Glutes booty bands and Nectaria is totally brilliant! The bands are comfortable to wear and enable me to work my muscles just that bit harder to push me closer to my limit. Combined with Nectaria’s brilliant videos and classes it’s the most challenging and fun exercise I’ve ever done (which is a lot!). Nectaria’s choreography is interesting and easy to follow and her personality brings instant joy to every single workout, I’d thoroughly recommend giving them a go!

About Nectaria

Nectaria Pospori is an award winning fitness instructor. She has taught thousands of fitness classes and has learned the importance of making fitness fun without compromising on challenging the body. She’s been both overweight and a bikini model, and is now happy being somewhere in the middle! She’s also approaching her 40’s and is determined to keep growing younger.

GroovyGlutes was born out of her love for making fitness inclusive, accessible and fun to every woman, and out of her understanding that through fitness women emerge and grow!

About Nectaria

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