Bikini Competition - is it worth it?

Bikini Competition – is it worth it?

Bikini Competition – is it worth it?

There’s so much I want to say about having been a bikini competitor that I’ll probably have to break it down to various posts. 🤓 Or make a vlog, watch this space!  🎥 😝

Preparing for a bikini competition truly is a life experience. Not only did I tick it off my bucket list, I learnt tons about MYSELF, just like with any experience that’s isolating and requires complete self discipline for a certain period of time. But it was after the end of it that I understood more about myself and the whole experience, having returned to my old lifestyle of non-prepping. I took a long time to process the changes and most of all, the loss of a ‘body’ I had earned with such hard work but couldn’t keep. Those first two months post show were a period of mourning, dramatic as I may sound.

Would I recommend this experience to every woman? I’ll simply say, it’s not for everyone. I’m so grateful I did it but I wouldn’t choose to do it again. It simply doesn’t fit my busy life and I think there’s little more to gain the second time (besides that flat tummy 🤩) The one thing I’ll say for now is, it was because of this experience that I decided to create a fun and accessible fitness program. I’d decided, if fitness isn’t fun, WE’RE DOING IT WRONG! (and so I had another baby and called it GroovyGlutes) 🍑💜

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