The perks of being an immigrant in the UK

The perks of being an immigrant in the UK

The perks of being an immigrant in the UK

However, I chose this image because this is what I left behind when I moved to the UK 10 years ago. Cyprus,360 sunny days GUARANTEED! ☀️☀️️️️ ‘Why on Earth did you leave Cyprus to live in England?’ is my most FAQ! 😝

I woke up this morning, gave thanks to life for leaving in a peaceful country, got dressed to impress (GroovyGlutes T-shirt!) and attended a workshop on financing options for business growth (yes, we are growing and expanding 🏅) Now, I should mention that besides only one attendant, the rest of us were foreigners. Each of us has built a business in a country that’s not our own, and are ready to expand. I’ve signed up for more biz workshops (still free!). These fantastic opportunities for personal and business growth, we foreigners seem to spot more easily, because we don’t have them in our all-year-round-holiday-weather countries. 🙃🏖

I left the workshop feeling high in life. On my way home I came across another super interesting lunch talk. Yes, regular Friday lunch talks everyone! Free to anyone (thank you Watershed). More start-ups were hot-desking next door… Every desk an idea 💡 manifesting into a business… There’s just so much happening, so much opportunity, I can only but LOVE living in the UK. 🙏 🙂️

Did I mention, yesterday I received good news that GroovyGlutes has been qualified to receive a GRANT to fully support the development of our website for the new GG instructors’ portal! 👏👏👏🏅

I walked up Park Street with the rain falling sideways, the kind of rain you know you using your umbrella ☔️️ is pointless. My clothes are soaking wet. My hair is now a lion’s mane. I’m wearing three layers and it’s the end of April. And I’m still high on life!.. This constant opportunity for GROWTH is what I left the sunshine behind for. And I never looked back either 🤘!

(but if Cyprus 🇨🇾 is on your list to visit, I’ll give you some hot tips!) 😚🏖🏖🏖


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