Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes


It’s not all bad news! 🙂 We are thrilled to say that we have set up LIVE STREAM GroovyGlutes classes, which means that we don’t have to stop groovin’! Plus you get to see our Head Quarters (…my basement!).  Let’s stay connected through this new reality, we’ll come out of it stronger and peachier.

You’ll need to install the ZOOM app on your device and create a ZOOM account, it’s easy. Check the schedule and BOOK THROUGH THE LINK BELOW:

Monday 6:30 pm UK Time

Wednesday 6:30 pm UK Time

Saturday 11:00 am UK Time

This is the link to your class:
Tips on how to make the experience of the Live Stream GroovyGlutes Class even better:
Please ‘arrive’ in class several minutes earlier so we can say hi and to make sure you don’t miss the intro or the warm-up.
Make sure the space you’re groovin’ in is safe. Also please make sure you let me know if there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be attending the class (injury, pregnancy or your doctor has advised you not to take part in physical exercise). Safety first!
For better quality of streaming you can 
– make sure your audio is muted when we start the class
– switch your video off (although I love to see you all groove)
– disconnect any other devices in the room from the wifi and 
– ideally connect your device directly to the LAN internet cable 
I can’t wait to see you groove on my screen! Come with an open heart, put your bands on (if you have them) and let’s get our groove on… 
Nectaria x

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